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Efficient Storage Solutions for Your Crafts

Let's talk storage! 

Simple organisation ideas for your craft space.

Hi, it's Jodene here. If you are a crafter, then you are most probably also a collector of craft products like me, and looking to maximise your storage so you can make the most out of the space you have. Whether that is a whole room, a corner of the dining room or a little nook, if you are organised and have your craft items where you can easily access them you will be more likely to use them (well that's the hope anyway).  Some crafters prefer their storage units to have doors to hide things away and others like a more open storage system. 

Again this may depend on where your craft space is located.

Today I am sharing a few storage ideas that I have implemented in my craft room, in the hope that it might give you some inspiration for your own organisation. Although my craft room storage is constantly evolving and my needs change! 

This is a long post so grab a cuppa, get comfy and join me.


When it comes to shelving, there are a lot of options.

* Open Shelving

* Shelving with doors

* Ikea style cube shelving

* Wall Shelving

Above: Cube units are very popular for crafters, because they come in a large variety of sizes, and can be adapted to include baskets, drawers, shelves and doors. I have 12' paper storage racks as well as some letter storage holders from Ikea to store my basic cardstock. 

I have made use of the top surface by storing my distress inks using the Crafty Critta ink storage units, which you can find in the storage section of our online store. 

Left: I have removed the door of a small built in wardrobe and inserted shelves for maximum use of the space, and large boxes work well for hiding those items that don't need to be out on display. 

Above: Bookcases with adjustable shelves allow for all sizes of storage containers. Clear storage boxes also make it easy to see what is contained in each box. The clear storage options from Totally Tiffany are perfect for crafters.

Above: You can use small storage containers or drawer storage for separating and organising smaller items.

Above: A shorter version of the same drawers replace the desk legs, to provide easy access storage for much used items such as inks, trimmers, tapes, Misti's etc. And also makes good use of space under the desk.

Above: Tall drawer units are perfect for holding a lot of supplies, and the top flat surface provides extra space for storage. I use the space to keep my most used sentiment stamps within easy reach.


Just like with shelving, there are a lot of drawer options available. I have used tall drawers with a small footprint, as well as under desk drawers and larger wider drawers for large items (like watercolour pads etc).  


Peg boards, spice racks and wall shelves are all great for making use of the space on your walls. I have used peg boards and accessories from Ikea along with inexpensive clear storage above my die-cut and foiling workstation to keep my foils close at hand. I like to create designated areas for things like hot foiling and die-cutting so that everything I need is in one place. 

Totally Tiffany has a large range of portable storage items to suit all of your crafty needs! They look great on the shelf, but the fact that they close securely and have handles makes them great for grabbing what you want and taking it with you. Even if that is just to your desk to craft!

Above: This 12'x12' Paper File from Cropper Hopper is great for making use of shelving or bookcases to store your paper and cardstock. Dividers are also available.

Above: I store two storage tubs for cardstock on top of a larger draw unit. I also have lids to place over the cardstock to protect it from dust. 


As I mentioned above, you can get 12' paper storage trays, file folders as well as more portable paper and cardstock solutions. 

At home I use plastic tubs to store my 8.5'x11' coloured cardstock, and I use a Totally Tiffany storage case with a handle when I'm crafting on the go. 

TIP: Be sure not to store coloured cardstock by a window where it may be subject to fading. 


Trolleys are also popular among crafters, and they come in a lot of different styles and sizes. If you are short on space or need to move supplies out of the way when you're not using them, then trolleys or storage on wheels is a great solution! 

After I dove into the world of art journalling recently, I acquired a lot of new products and mediums, which I had to find space for! 

I chose to use trolleys, so that I can just wheel them into the corner when not in use, but have them right by my side when I needed them. And they can hold a lot of stuff! I also have a trolley for all of my colouring mediums and another for all of my alcohol inks and related supplies.

These card keepers from Couture Creations are great not only for storing completed cards, but also cardstock scraps and small paper pads. The dividers are removable and can be adjusted to suit your needs. 

I use plastic fridge tubs with wheels to store my embossing folders in the cupboard under my die-cutting machine. 

I also use small plastic tubs in my bookshelves to store stamps, dies as well as a lot of other supplies. 


Plastic or acrylic tubs are great for craft storage, because it can be stackable, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can see what is in them. You can also find very inexpensive storage tubs to suit every budget from a variety of places. There are also a lot of other great options for organising your smaller items. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. 

Zippered storage bags like this one from Hero Arts are great for storing stencils, stationary supplies and many other items!  I like to use them in my trolleys to store mixed media accessories including gel plates, dies, and paper elements. 

Magnetic Die storage from Artbin not only keep your dies well organised and secure, but very portable. 

Tim Holtz has a variety of storage solutions to suit all of the distress products such as inks, sprays, mini ink pads, crayons and more! 

Stamp Storage pockets are made by several companies in a variety of sizes. I love these for storing my stamps with coordinating dies together. 
Stamp Storage binders are also great for secure storage of stamps, dies and accessories. 

If you have read this far, then thank you for sticking with me and I hope that I have given you some ideas to help with your own storage and organisation needs.   

You can check out all of our available storage options in the store below. 


Happy Crafting! 


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